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What payment methods are accepted?

It is possible to pay with iDeal, Paypal or Creditcard.

What is your return policy and how do I return a product?

  1. Send an email to, stating your ordernumber, address and reason of return.
  2. Send the package if possible in the original packing back to
    Sofie Krete Paintings
    Terheijdenstraat 80
    4811AW, Breda
  3. Please note: It is important that you are always able to proof that the delivered items have been returned on time, for example by means of proof of shipment.

What is the delivery time?

The estimated delivery time in the Netherlands is 5-7 business days. If you order from another country, the delivery time depends on the delivery service in your country. Within Europe it is between 5-12 days and US 5-14 days. For a more precise indication of your country please have a look at the following website and add 2 days for delivery preparation.

In case you need the artwork on a short notice, please send an email to in order to discuss a different shipping method that will get you your product in your desired time if possible.

What are the delivery costs?

Within the Netherlands delivery costs are included in the price. In case you order from another country, the following delivery costs apply:

Within Europe
- Fine Art Prints: €7
- Painting smaller than 100 x 50 no shipping costs.
- Painting bigger than 100 x 50 will be discussed by email.

Outside of Europe

  • Fine art prints and paintings smaller tham 100 x 50 cm: € 25
  • Painting larger than 100 x 50 will be discussed via email.
* Send by registered mail.

Do the prices include VAT?

Yes - all the prices include VAT.

What do I do when a product arrives in a damaged state?

In case of a damaged product, please contact me (within 3 days after receipt) with a notification and the following photos:

  1. 1 photo of the damaged packaging with the shipping label visible

  2. In the case of an inside packaging, 1 photo of the protective material. Make sure to keep this protective material for the duration of the claim.

  3. 2 detailed photos of the damage.

In the meantime, I will of course ensure that you receive a new version of the product and if this is not possible or you do not want a new product, you will receive a refund.

Is it possible to purchase giftcard?

It is not possible to purchase a giftcard.

How sustainable is your art?

Making art in the most sustainable and responsible way possible, without compromising the quality of the artwork, is what I continuously strive for. In the process of creating a work of art I try to be as aware as possible of how my materials and the steps that I take in this process of creating a work of art affect the earth. That is why I always use AP-certified paint that does not contain hazardous substances (such as cadmium, cobalt, zinc, etc.) according to the ASTM-D4236 standard. My brushes are synthetic and therefore fur-free. The paper I use is made by a company that tries to keep its ecological footprint as low as possible. And my canvases are made of hemp or cotton. I use recycled cardboard for packaging prints and paintings.

For me, being a sustainable artist is a continuous dance between maintaining quality and using sustainable materials. Fortunately, the two go together more easily every year. It is a continuous process towards improvement and development, as sustainability is changing enormously in all fields. I will continue to grow and develop my knowledge and skills in this area and keep learning about how I can make my materials or use them more sustainable.

I have not always known the impact my materials have on nature, so I also have older brushes and cloths that are not made completely sustainable. However, it wouldn't be very sustainable to throw it away and that's why I make use of it. However, this does not apply to toxic paint, I never use toxic paint.

* Non-toxic means that I never use colors that contain hazardous substances (such as cobalt, zinc, titanium, nickel or cadmium - often used in paint) because this can cause damage to living things. If you are interested in the materials I use, you can send me an email and I would like to share.

What is the price of a personalized painting?

There is no general price list available because prices differ according to the specific size and material preferred. Send me an email or call me to get a non-binding offer.

What is your VAT number?

The number is: NL002288244B44

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